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Xavier Experience

Your time at Xaiver might be filled with internships and study abroad, but it’s also one of the best times to live in a community, develop friendships and make new connections. Before you arrive on campus, we’ll help you create your personalized Xaiver experience—including a room for one academic year. We’d love for you to have the opportunity to get to know us during your freshman or transfer years."

Campus Dining 


When you’re studying at Xaver, let us help you find the perfect place to eat for any occasion. Our dining program has been designed with you in mind, so you can enjoy a flexible range of eating locations and choose from a variety of different meal options from across campus. Please refer to our dining schedule and menu when planning your meals.

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Campus Safety

The Xavier University Police Department’s mission focuses on providing a safe and secure learning, living and working environment for Xavier University's students, faculty, staff, and visitors. This is accomplished through partnerships within the multidisciplinary community, and working in conjunction with traditional law enforcement for the development of progressive, community-based crime prevention strategies and initiatives. All members of the Xavier University Police Department (XUPD) will provide the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, and customer service in support of Xavier University’s mission to educate future leaders who will go on to create a more just and humane society.

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Xavierites come from all over the United States and the world, bringing with them their unique perspectives and experiences.