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College of Pharmacy Admissions

College of Pharmacy Admissions Process

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College of Pharmacy Admissions

Committed to equal access for all qualified applicants and students

The Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy (XUCOP) is committed to equal access for all qualified applicants and students. 
The Minimal Technical Standards for Admission, Promotion and Graduation state all expectation of College of Pharmacy students and provides information to allow a candidate to make an informed decision for application and are a guide to the accommodation of students with disabilities. Academic adjustments can be made for disabilities in some instances, but a student must be able to perform in an independent manner with reasonable accommodations.
The XUCOP is committed to enabling students by any reasonable means or accommodations to complete the course of study leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Individuals with questions or concerns about their abilities to meet these standards are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Affairs.