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Building on our historic mission of educating talented African American students, we will deepen and broaden Xavier’s impact over the next 100 years so all students go forth to lead, serve and better the world.


Founded on “what if,” Xavier was an original disruptor. What if Black, Catholic students had access to a higher-level of education? What if we practiced racial tolerance in the face of hate? We’re still asking what if, still breaking barriers: What if we produced more Black doctors and scientists? What if we attracted exceptional faculty that created new pathways for students and representation?


What’s possible is in our DNA, and we’re poised for 100 more years of being the change we want to see. To do it, we will launch a bold campaign that calls on you to ask what if –What if every deserving student could afford a Xavier education? What if they didn’t have to worry about skipping meals? What if our campus environment matched our potential? What if we could expand faculty opportunities and invest in more academic programs?

Campaign Priorities

Like students across the country today, many Xavierites struggle to meet the costs of college. The need for financial assistance is significant: 94% of our undergraduates apply for and receive some form of need-based financial aid. We will break down the financial barriers and ensure equal access to our transformative education.  

Today’s students also face tremendous demands and stressors – a global pandemic, a national racial reckoning, increasingly divided discourse, and a worsening economic downturn. It is critical that we have institutional support systems in place to help keep our students healthy—mentally, physically, and spiritually.

We’ve launched innovative programs to address students’ needs early on and where they are. We will continue the success of our lauded pre-medical programs while expanding support for students in all majors. 

Xavierites deserve to have the resources to thrive, successfully graduate, and go on to serve and better the world with interpersonal skills that transcend life and into the workplace.  


“Do they too not deserve the best?” Today, Xavierites are taking what they know far beyond its limestone walls, impacting generations and communities old and new.

We will continue to provide our students with the best, most innovative learning environment by upgrading our campus to match where we know our students can go.

Central to our winning formula at Xavier is our exceptional faculty, who invest their expertise and passion into the student experience and instill leadership in our graduates. We will create new faculty chairs and increase salaries.

We also will build on our renowned work in business and entrepreneurship, teacher preparation, and (STEM) with more multifaceted programs that will nourish our scientific, cultural, artistic and religious roots, while innovating in a rapidly changing world and marketplace.

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